Aarhus Workshop

As part of the project “European Implementation of the Aarhus Convention in the Digital Age (EU-AarKo)”, the Independent Institute for Environmental Issues (UfU) e.V. provides during the EU Council Presidency of the four Member States Croatia, Germany, Portugal and Slovenia an open space for the European civil society, experts and practitioners in the field of environmental law to exchange their views and adopt a clear position on the lack of effective access to European courts (communication ACCC/C/2008/32 to Compliance Committee of the Aarhus Convention).

This will be the third Aarhus Workshop and held as a Zoom meeting. The Dialogue will particularly address how effective ascess to justice on the European Union level could look like. Among other issues, opinions on the draft amendment to the Aarhus Regulation, which will be published by then, will be exchanged The objective of the workshop is to develop a joint position paper.

Zoom Meeting

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