From the Ashes of a Pandemic to an Ever Greener Deal: Securing Europe's Environmental Leadership

The challenges facing humanity remind us of the possibility of doing things differently. From the climate breakdown to mass extinction and the Covid-19 pandemic, we need a new vision for a better future.

Through the European Green Deal, the European Union has indicated that it is serious about building a greener future, where the enjoyment of fresh air, clean water and a safe environment is a right for people everywhere. Working with, rather than against, nature to boost our resilience to future threats. 

The conference will reflect on the first year of the European Green Deal and how the disruption caused by the pandemic can and must be used to accelerate the green transition rather than derail it. It will ask what still needs to be done for Europe to embrace and implement truly transformative policies that inspire action at home and abroad. Join us online on 9 November 2020 to discuss together with key players from the European environmental movement and political decision-makers at a crucial moment for the European Union.