Regional workshops on CAP Strategic Plans

These regional workshops aim to build capacity among European civil society organisations on the intervention logic of the CAP. Looking at key environmental challenges (especially with regards to climate, air, water and soils) for each region, we will map and discuss potential “interventions” under the CAP (with a focus on eco-schemes but also looking at other instruments), identifying win-win, mixed, and poor measures – as well as why – and where possible linking them to specific indicators. To kick start the conversation, Faustine Bas-Defossez and Kaley Hart of the Institute for European Environmental Policy will share insights based on the IEEP’s past and ongoing work on CAP and eco-schemes. The discussion will also build on work already done by the EEB and BirdLife networks in developing policy recommendations.

As a result of these workshops, we hope that participants will have more knowledge and confidence to advocate for quality measures on all environmental dimensions in their national CAP Strategic Plans.

The workshops are open to national and EU-level civil society organisations.