Reuse for future: Legislative and practical approaches to truly sustainable packaging 8th European REUSE Conference

At the 8th European REUSE Conference, we want to present and explore best-practice and cutting-edge approaches to reusable packaging – and discuss how policies can enable a successful EU-wide shift towards reuse across different market segments. Experts from business, politics and civil society will bring their perspectives to the table and discuss environmental, practical and regulatory aspects, especially in the light of the European Green Deal and the current revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive.

Reusable packaging reduces waste at source, prevents marine litter and strengthens SMEs, regional economic cycles and green employment.Most importantly, reusable packaging plays a key role in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Beyond traditional low-hanging fruits like refillable beverage bottles, budding innovative and efficient reuse systems for other B2B and B2C market segments exist all over Europe: Standardised refillable containers for dairy, takeaway food and beverages, as well as other FMCGs (e.g. soap, honey), e-commerce and transport (e.g. palettes, trays, crates).

Digital event hosted via Zoom