TEDxPORTO COUNTDOWN "The unspoken Truth about Climate Change"

Is it possible to clean the atmosphere? (going beyond the efforts to neutralize new emissions)

Currently, climate change is seen only as a concern, as per the decision in the UN 43 rd Assembly in 1988 to focus efforts on the problem of climate change, thereby leaving the stable climate in an undefined legal statusThis happens because climate spreads across and beyond borders, and therefore climate is not  recognized as a Common Good, that is, as something that belongs to all humanity. If this were the case, there would be rights emerging from benefits, and obligations emerging from damages.

EDxPORTO COUNTDOWN initiative intents to championing and accelerating solutions to the climate crisis, support locally-curated events (TEDx) and showcase climate solutions in the world through the TED stage.

TEDxPorto and the Task Force for the Recognition of Climate as a Common Heritage, coordinated by the Common Home of Humanity, will host the Event:  TEDxPORTO COUNTDOWN, in Porto, Portugal.