Towards a well-being economy that serves people and nature

The new report, titled ‘Towards a well-being economy that serves people and nature’, highlights empirically how the European Union’s addiction to economic growth is failing, even on its own terms. Not only is it only delivering prosperity to the very few at the top of the economic pyramid, it is also trashing the environment and fuelling global warming.

The report, which was produced by the EEB and Oxfam Germany, provide a blueprint for the transition to a well-being economy which is built on three main pillars which can be referred to as the three Ds: the dismantling of exploitative structures, democratising economic governance and degrowing the economy.

This major report was produced in the context Climate of Change, an EU funded project sought to inform young people about the consequences of global warming.

Before the panel discussion, the EEB will also host an online screening of the new documentary ‘The 25% revolution’, which was produced in collaboration with the Belgian NGO Broderlijk Delen.