• DURABLE, REPAIRABLE AND MAINSTREAM - How ecodesign can make our textiles circular

    Join the ECOS-webinar and learn about the textiles policies and standards needed to protect our planet - before it turns into the ultimate fashion victim.


  • Regional workshops on CAP Strategic Plans

    As EU countries are accelerating the preparation of their CAP Strategic Plans, The EEB European Environmental Bureau invites you to regional workshops organised by the EEB in collaboration with BirdLife and the IEEP to share and boost knowledge among civil society organisations from four EU regions on good and bad policy measures for the environmental objectives of the CAP.


  • Towards a well-being economy that serves people and nature

    On 22 April 2021, the EEB will host the launch of a major new report and documentary, both of which expose the destructive social and environmental impact of the current economic system and propose an alternative blueprint for a fairer economy that operates within the natural boundaries of our planet.


  • Buildings in a world that looks beyond growth

    Greening Europe’s homes and public spaces is a crucial element of the EU’s strategy towards climate neutrality, and one of the pillars of the European Green Deal. But what does that entail? In this webinar, EEB presents the latest report: “A Blueprint to deliver a healthy, affordable, and sustainable built environment for all”.

    Online Webinar

  • 5. Zukunftsforum Nachhaltige Textilien

    Den thematischen Rahmen des 5. Kerenzerberg Zukunftsforums Nachhaltige Textilien bilden die Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) und die Agenda 2030.

    Seminarhotel Lihn, Panoramastrasse 28
    CH-8757 Filzbach, Glarus Nord
  • CIPRA Veranstaltung

    Workshop: Das Protokoll "Tourismus" der Alpenkonvention

    CIPRA Österreich und der Fachbereich Öffentliches Recht, Völker- und Europarecht der Universität Salzburg laden gemeinsam mit der Rechtsservicestelle der Alpenkonvention zum Workshop ein.

    Der Veranstaltungsort wird noch bekannt gegeben. Der Workshop wird entweder als Präsenzveranstaltung oder virtuell stattfinden.

  • Europäische Energieeffizienz Konferenz 2021

    2021 zeigen die World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED), mit jährlich über 600 TeilnehmerInnen aus 60 Ländern, wie die Energiewende als Investitionsmotor zum klimafreundlichen Wirtschaftsaufschwung und zur Klimaneutralität beitragen kann.

    Pollheimerstrasse 1
    4600 Wels
  • Reuse for future: Legislative and practical approaches to truly sustainable packaging 8th European REUSE Conference

    The EU Plastics Strategy and the Single-use Plastics Directive have paved the way to move away from unnecessary single-use plastics packaging. Simultaneously, they increased the urgency to provide legislative support for best-practice reusable solutions, in order to avoid a similarly harmful shift towards other single-use materials. Within the new Circular Economy Action Plan, the European Institutions have acknowledged the key role reusable packaging systems play in a truly circular economy, recognizing that the large-scale implementation of those systems requires ambitious and well-designed legislation.

    Digital event hosted via Zoom